Thanksgiving Letter


I want you to know how much we enjoy serving you and how fortunate we are to work with you we consider you as our special customer.
We enjoy working with you and hope we can continue to have opportunities to work together.

Best Regards


Dear Friend,

I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and your friendship. It’s great to know that I always have someone I can trust with my joys, and my secretes. You will always be close to my heart!



Dear Mr…,

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to convey my warm regards this festive season and greet you well with a feeling of enormous gratitude. Thank you so much for writing me a letter of reference. It has helped me a lot.

I really appreciate your gesture of taking out time for me to write the letter. I cannot express how precious I felt when I came to know you wrote the letter for me. I feel so proud and happy to announce that I am going to join the company soon and they are going to pay me a handsome amount. Once I join I will let you know how it goes.

Again, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I greatly appreciate your assistance and involvement in my job search.
Best regards

Sample Thanksgiving Letter for Mommy and Daddy

Dear mom and dad,

Thank you for pushing me towards my goals. Thank you for teaching me how to budget.. Most of all, thank you for teaching me to be independent.

No matter the struggles I face here on my own that I will always be your daughter. It will always be both of you that I ask for help from the most or the ones that I need hugs and reassurance that everything will be okay. Although I am growing up I will always be your little girl. However, most important of all is that I will always love you alot.

Thank you for always loving me for who I am and always welcoming me with open arms. I miss you all so much and cannot wait to see you all soon.

Dear parents, on the happy occasion of Thanksgiving Day, I pray to God for your good health and may your life be filled with lots of joy.

With all my love,
Your daughter forever and always
Thanks & Regards,


Dear Mommy and Daddy,

I fall short of words in expressing my love and gratitude to you. I am thankful to you for the wonderful life you have given me, the love and care bestowed on me and for patiently listening for all my tantrums no matter how trivial they were. Every day of the year is a Thanksgiving Day for me as each night I kneel and pray to God for the wonderful gift he was given to me and that is you, my dear parents. But I must confess that when I went away to college in another city and had to look after myself it was then I that realized what you two really meant to me. I know there were times when I misbehaved with you just because you did not fulfill my demands. But, you always patiently listened and tried to reason it out with me. I know how I must have irritated you by asking you the same question again and again as a child. But, you answered every time without showing the least signs of irritation.

Dear parents, on the happy occasion of Thanksgiving Day, I pray to God for your good health and may your life be filled with lots of joy.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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