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Relationship Advice: Understanding Your Partner

Written By: ABIOLA-OGEDENGBE, Diekolola

Understanding someone doesn’t come over night, it takes time and conscious relationship, intimacy with such person.

As a woman, when you start feeling that a random guy understand you more than your significant other (Partner). There is a problem.

I will give an illustration;

My mum owns a poultry farm. She is a poultry farmer. She has chicks she breeds. She understand these chicks alot. She knows when these chicks are sick, with or without obvious demonstration. She knows when they are hungry. Infact, she over feed them, just for them to get very big in no distant time.

More than half of her time everyday, is dedicated to into feeding these chicks. She doesn’t even spend quarter of such time with her children (we are all adult though).

Please, follow me closely;

Do you think she loves the chicken more then her children? Straight answer, Nope! Why then does she invest so much time into the chicken, to the extent of understanding them so much?

It’s simple! She wanna have them killed. She wanna have to freeze them, to sell at a good sum.(that’s where her money is). The more she takes good care of them, the more her profit and she does this day in day out.

This illustration is common with some persons relationships. Just because a guy tends to give you more attention, you begin to compare such guy with your partner and you begin to see your partner as the serious type, not having enough time for you.

You do this in such a way that, you open up to this new guy and tell him more about your significant other. You share secrets with him and boom! You gradually become sexually attracted and you begin to give your partner attitude.

Such is the experience of some.

In relationships, you just have to agree that your partner is your partner. Nothing should come in between you. Not even Mr attention guy. He is just there as a distraction. You can never enjoy your relationship when an intruder exist.

Don’t sacrifice your relationship for some kind of attention/understanding you get from an intruder. It will always end in tears and regret.

This is not to say partners shouldn’t give each other attention, Of course, they should but trust me, a third party attention is usually a mirage.

Can you use your head alittle? When things go the other way round, who is gonna be with you? Your partner or Mr attention? You can answer that by yourself. I realised ladies always fall into this bait more. (Sure it makes sense?)

In conclusion, love is a universal language spoke in different dynamics and tones. You must be patient and ready to understand the frequency of your partner. Each union comes with a specific and customized manual that nobody in the world has ever experienced or created.


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