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This lockdown period is a great season for parents to have an insight into the lives of their children, show them love and care through various means.

Good parenting styles -

Below are some ideas to catch their attention:

– Have a drink with them and in the process share certain thoughts with them, and you would be surprised about their input as regards that thought and some other discussions that will come up.

– watch movies with them.

– eat together.

– Visit their rooms – tell them stories, ask about their friends, their challenges and their goals.

And you will be surprised at the response you will get.

(The summary of the above is that parents should endeavour to foster intimacy with their children during this period)

Now to the parenting styles.

These are various types of parenting styles:

1- Authoritarian or disciplinarian

2- Permissive or indulgent

3- Uninvolved

4- Authoritative.

1. Authoritarian Parent / Disciplinarian

– They employ a strict discipline with little negotiation

– Punishment is common

– Communication is mostly one way.

– Rules usually are not explained

– Usually parents of that style are less concerned.

– Expectations are high with limited flexibility

2. Permissive or Indulgent Parent

– They mostly let their children do what they want and offer limited guidance or direction

– They are more like friends than parents

– They are nurturing and warming

– Communication is open,  parents allow children make choices rather than giving them direction.

– They have limited rules and mostly let children figure problems out on their own.

– Parents set minimum expectations or not.

3. Uninvolved Parents

– Offer a lot of independence to children, and just keep out of their way.  Some parents make a conscious decision of this parenting style, while some are not certain of what to do.

– No particular discipline style is utilized.  Such a parent let a child mostly do what he wants, probably out of a lack of information or caring

– Communication is limited

– This group of parents offer little nurturing

4. Authoritative Parents

– They are reasonable and nurturing

– Children under them tend to be self-disciplined and think for themselves

– It is thought that this style benefits children the most

– Disciplinary rules are clear and the reasons are explained.

– Communication is frequent and appropriate to comprehend by children.

– Expectations and goals are strong but explicitly defined.

– Children may have input into goals.

Written by Kali Emmanuel

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