Life is like football, you must take the shot, Ighalo says as new Glo TVCs imbue pride, optimism

Life is like football, you must take the shot, Ighalo says as new Glo TVCs imbue pride, optimism“In this soil, greatness takes root”, a male voice intones as the iconic television commercial currently ruling the airwaves opens. A hand opens and dry soil spills to the ground, and the voice continues: “In this earth, we grow champions. In this earth, greatness takes root. Talent flourishes. And passion ignites! Here, dreams come alive. Football… and life, they are the same.”We see street kids trying to put up a make-shift goal post to play football in dusty, rough lands and flooded streets. Nigerian striker, Jude Odion Ighalo, joins them on the field.“You get the ball… You run with the ball. People try to take the ball from you. Don’t let them. Keep your eye on the ball. Don’t lose sight of the goal”, the voice continues amidst sounds and sights of fans cheering as the excitement builds up. “And when it’s time… Take the shot!” the voice says as the camera zooms in on Jude Ighalo and it become obvious to the viewer he had been the one speaking all along.Next, the striker is seen playing in a magnificent stadium probably in Europe, as the excitement builds up among fans. With some deft football moves and fans cheering, Ighalo proceeds to take a shot. It’s a beauty as the ball beats the keeper and nestles in the corner of the post. The crowd erupts in frenzy.Life is like football. You must take your shot”, the striker counsels as the Glo advert ends.The advertisement, aptly tagged “Life is Football”, uses the football metaphor to underscore Globacom’s vision of getting Nigerians communicating, solving problems and seizing opportunities; a vision of unlocking Africa’s true potential and of enabling its people to be their best. The underlying message is that just as Ighalo rose from playing street soccer to featuring for one of Europe’s biggest club sides, Manchester United, the African can achieve his dreams if he believes in himself and takes his “shot” when the opportunity comes.Then the Anthony Joshua-Don Jazzy classic…Globacom characteristically executed the tactical moves of a chess grandmaster when it signed on World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Anthony Joshua, as brand ambassador in 2019, lighting up the media stratosphere with two TVCs featuring the pugilist. The first ignited a fire of patriotism in Nigerians all over the world, while the second saw the champion boisterously demonstrating the intrinsic values of having a reliable ally in one’s corner. The second version of the TVC encapsulates how Nigerians in different geo-political zones across the country were not only enamoured by the remarkable odyssey of Anthony Joshua but also drew inspiration from his bricklayer to world champion story.In the build-up to Anthony Joshua’s fight with Bulgarian challenger, Kubrat Pulev, Globacom released another television commercial, “Heart of a Champion”, featuring AJ and renowned music producer, Don Jazzy. It had the highly inspirational message, “Champions go the distance and they go further”.The commercial is an intriguing blend of two champions on top of their art as we witness Anthony Joshua’s pre-fight training regimen with the dramatization of the relentless repetition and infinite commitment that it takes to become a champion, just as Don Jazzy ‘loops’ different instruments and sounds to create a rhythmic backdrop for their vocals.“I was born hungry for success. It’s the Nigerian way. Oh yeah, champions stay hungry. Oh yes, Glo gets it big time. To want more, Champions go the distance, and they go further. Glo… Heart of a Champion!” AJ declares.The advert celebrates the determination to excel, the resilience and the ‘can-do’ spirit which Nigerians are generally known for. Living the message in the Glo TVC, AJ delivered the performance of a champion, knocking out Pulev in the 9th to retain his four titles.The “Christmas Dream” commercial is another classic from the fecund stable of Globacom. Apart from the rich entertainment value leveraging the hugely popular Feliz Navidad song with tap dancers, the advert ends with the message, “May all your dreams come true this Christmas”. In essence, the commercial celebrates the spirit of joy, the coming together from all walks of life synonymous with Christmas and with Globacom.With the new adverts, the telecom operator is inspiring hope, pride and optimism, and sending a rallying cry to Nigerians and Africans generally to believe in their potentials and reach for greatness.The post Life is like football, you must take the shot, Ighalo says as new Glo TVCs imbue pride, optimism appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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